Happy Client

I just received this in my inbox. Its always nice to know how happy my clients are!

Hi Carrie,

Everyone flipped (and is still flipping) over the photo albums (I would love to haul them out to Jackson and show Lisa and the vendors). They arrived on Christmas Eve just in time to dole out as something under the tree. Thank you Thank you! I had never (nor had anyone else) seen anything like it (even though Cypress is out of Glendale…about one hour away). I thought Eric’s mom was going to fall through the floor or jump through the roof; she was jumping up and down like a kid at Disneyland. After Xmas dinner, we all watched the dvd, which is also great. Everyone is now officially sick of us and our wedding and probably glad 2009 is over (I gave out a ton of framed photos printed from the CDS as gifts). Hope you had a great holiday and got to relax some.


Erin and Eric


1 Response to “Happy Client”

  1. 1 Suzanne Lewis January 8, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    I think I could have written this same note! We got our books on Christmas Eve, too, and I just wish you could have
    been here to see the excitement. Both books were amazing!!! I can’t stop looking at mine!

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